Caluso  Spumante DOCG

Dea (Goddess), from the ancient legend of the Nymph Albaluce:

“A long time ago our hills, formed by glaciers, were inhabited by the nymphs of springs, lakes and woods and were worshipped together with the Night, the Sun, the Moon, the Winds and the Stars. Alba was one of these goddesses and one day, along the bank of a stream, she met the Sun. They fell in love, but they could not meet. The impossibility of this love caused the Moon to intervene, which at dawn decided not to leave the Heavens, but to position itself on the Sun’s path so that it could secretly reach the Earth and meet with its beloved Dawn. From the eclipse which followed Albaluce was born, with eyes the colour of the sky, skin like dew and long shining hair like sun rays. Its beauty led the inhabitants of the area to offer gifts on feast days, until they had nothing left. They needed land to grow crops on. A large canal was created so that the waters of the lake could be channelled. But the waters of the lake burst its banks, causing widespread death. The nymph Albaluce wept in pain and from her tears long shoots sprang up, full of  sweet, golden, juicy grapes: Erbaluce was born.”

The Caluso Spumante D.O.C.G. Dea is refined in the bottle on selected yeasts with a neutral action on the bouquet that enhance its elegance and finesse, acquiring a pale yellow colour with green reflections and a fine and persistent perlage. In the nose fresh and floral aromas can be detected, it has a good persistence and evokes freshly baked bread.

There are notes of acacia flowers and hints of apple and citrus fruits. Ideal with aperitifs and desserts. It goes well with fish, appetisers, delicate first courses, cheese and vegetables. Seafood enhances it.